We deal in “Coated Textile Fabrics” which is also known as

  • PVC Leather cloth or
  • Synthetic Leather  or
  • Foam Leather  or
  • Rexine

PVC Leather cloth
Since PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is impregnated or coated on woven or knitted cloth, and the finished product looks like leather; its called as PVC Leather cloth.

Synthetic Leather
Since the product appearance is similar to leather; but being Man Made material; its called as Synthetic Leather ( or Artificial Leather )

Foam Leather
In olden days, it was also called as Foam Leather; as the process of manufacture involves "Foaming" the PVC formulation to enhance the thickness as well as softness.

Rexine is the common name widely used by common man.Indian trade jargon for this product is "Rexine" - which is similar to how copiers are mentioned as "Xerox".


Rexine is being widely used in so many areas of our day to day life.

  • 4 and 3 and 2 wheeler upholstery  etc
  • all sofa, dining table, office chairs  etc
  • file/ folder/ diary covers
  • ladies handbags, lap top bags, soft luggage, wallets etc
  • Belt, caps. mobile covers, eye wear covers, jewellery boxes etc
  • mattress covers, jackets, table cloths  etc

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